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Re: Baucus Bill

At 9:57 PM 9/28/95, JohnE37179@aol.com wrote:
>We tend to forget that the government is "representative" of us.  Ultimately
>"we " are responsible.  We tend to defer to government, as if it were an
>entity apart form the "governed".  By doing so, we only creat a gonvernment
>that is unresponsive to the gonvernment.  As members of the "governed" with
>special knowledge, we have a responsiblilty to inform the government so that
>the decisions of gonvernment are at least infomed.
>With all the discussion here, and none of it being transmitted to those who
>"govern" as our representatives, have we discharged our responsibilities?

        Hear, hear!

        Unfortunately, our system of government seems to have gotten too
complex and too widely disseminated for the even more disseminate public to
have control over any longer.  A truly radical overhaul of the system would
be needed to return full control of the government to the people!  Barring
a mutinous overthrow and revolution, I don't see that happening...and
frankly, I don't see the public being organized enough to _affect_ such a
revolution, should they decide they want one!  (<- I'm not advocating one,
either, BTW!)  For now, we have to trust in the fact that the complexities
inherent in the system are barring most governmental agencies from usurping
any control as much as they are barring the public from doing anything
about them!  8-S

        For better, for worse...

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