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Re: Therizinosaurus

At 1:45 AM 9/29/95, Stang1996@aol.com wrote:
> By the way... it was decided that
>Segnosauria would be their name on the list (for those agreeing to go along
>with the vote) 5 - 1 over Therizinosauroidea (wonder where that sole vote for
>therizinosauroideans came from? :).

        When was _this_ decided?!?  I must've been asleep...  Cast my vote
for "Therizinosauroidea;" I find the evidence for _Therizinosaurus_ being
amongst the formerly named "Segnosauria" compelling for now, and thus the
older terms take precedence (I know that that isn't the exact situation
here, but...).  BTW, this isn't a matter which can be put to this sort of
vote; if it were, don't you think _Brontosaurus_ would still be in use
instead of _Apatosaurus_?  8-)  You just has to take them as you gets

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