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Hominid Teeth

It's not really dino, but it was in the newswire file I was working on...
Moroccans pull out 400,000 year-old tooth
 RABAT, Sept 13 (Reuter) - Moroccan and French archaeologists have pulled out
a 400,000-year-old tooth from a dig in Casablanca, the Culture Ministry said on
 "The premolar is bigger than the teeth of modern man and there are no traces
of decay," a ministry official said.
 The tooth was found on a site in a Casablanca suburb where the
archaeologists have been digging since 1988 for traces of prehistoric man. The
site is believed to be one million years old.
That's the full text. I'm not sure how you get a 400k tooth out of a 1kk site,
but heck....