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Re: Re[2]: Sue and the president

>> The really stupid part of this situation is that Sue is actually valueless
>> without a proper scientific description--she's just a bunch of rocks. Anyone
>> who pays his walloping asking price better figure out some way of having the
>> skeleton described or risk losing that investment. Thus, it would behoove Mr.
>     It might be worthless in the scientific sense, but there is no 
>shortage of people who wouldn't pay top dollar for the novelty of owning 
>a peice of the "BIGGEST T.REX EVEN FOUND!!"

   Perhaps piecemeal, yes, but the price tag on the whole thing limits the
number of potential buyers.

   Hell, if I had the millionz to throw away, I'd buy it and have it studied
because it WOULD be worthless to me without proper scientific study.  Might
even donate it to a museum, after having casts made of it.  Guess that makes
me rare in the "anti-science" crowd of people with "odd political agendas"
dead set on completely destroying the world of paleontology as we know it.....

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