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Re: Sue & Joe Tipman

>Bill Hunt writes:
>>>BHI deserves our support, however we can give it.
>Nonsense. The BHI, the ALAA, and Tim Johnson of South Dakota are in the 
>middle of an attempt to pass legislation that will allow commercial 
>collectors full access to all fossils on all Federal Lands. Amateur and 
>professional paleontologists should unite to defeat the proposed bill 
>because, if passed, it will benefit *only* commercial collectors, and we 
>will see a drastic loss of new discoveries to the private market.

   How so?  And so what?  The copy of the bill that I have seems like a good
compromise for all parties involved.  It could probably use some beefing up
in how to make sure commercial concerns are complying with the stipulations
of the law, but I don't see how it's going to be the disaster you make it
out to be.

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