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Re: Batch o refs

In a message dated 95-09-27 09:58:28 EDT, MNHAD002@SIVM.SI.EDU (Ralph E.
Chapman) writes:

>Sereno, Paul C. & M.C. McKenna. 1995. Cretaceous multituberculate
>   skeleton and the early evolution of the mammalian shoulder girdle.
>   Nature 377:144-147. 14SEPT95
> Paul, roving out of the dinosaurs for a while, and McKenna show a
> new reconstruction of the shoulder in a multi and show this to suggest
> a connection between the multi and therian mammals - the Theriiformes
> with Monotremes as the sister group.

Ahh!--what will the cladists think up next? Theriiformes, eh? Along with
Archosauria we now have Archosauriformes and Archosauromorpha; and along with
Dinosauria we have Dinosauriformes and Dinosauromorpha. It's only a matter of
time before every single generic name will acquire a corresponding "dual"
name for the clade of which it is the sister group. How many genera, how many
clades! How does Dinosauromorphiformes strike everyone?