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Re: Re[2]: Sue and the president

In a message dated 95-09-27 07:36:33 EDT, head@lust.isem.smu.edu (Jason Head)

> If someone pays upteen million bucks for the critter, do you
>think Mr. Williams will go out and prospect for more dinos' to sell?  Will
>anyone else interested in a quick buck start looking for dinos'?  The last
>thing anyone interested in learning more about dinosaurs needs is for there
>to a be healthy market for dinosaur fossils.

Actually, if truly big bucks could be made in dinosaur hunting, the world
would be flooded with dinosaur specimens. After all, the Sternberg family was
quite motivated by the money they could make extracting dino and other
fossils out of the ground for museums and universities. The real problem
today is that the best fossils might wind up in private collectors' houses
and garages gathering dust instead of being available for study.