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Re: Horner's T. rex (fwd)

>  It seems to me that the carnosaurs=
>  were placing all their killing potential in the head. 

Carnosaur? You said carnosaur? You'd better hope Tom Holtz doesn't read your

>  Even more bizarre, is it=
>  possible that T. rex could wind up with a descendent that was completely=
>  armless???  A reverse whale, after a fashion.
> Any comments?

Ah, whales again. Can't get away from them, can you dinophiles? Of course, this
is more than a mere coincidence: if you believe the results of a DNA analysis
published early last year, hell - dinosaurs *are* whales ;)-

(Geneticists, ensure your samples are away from any possible sources of
contamination or you risk ridicule from internet-surfing geology students)

"But I want them alive - no disintegration"
"As you wish"