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> I just have one question about G. (for now).  Is the first G in the name
> supposed to be said like a "J" (as in Girrafe or Gigantic), or as a "G" (as
> in Girl or Get)?  
> I would like to say that I think that Giganotosaurus was a poorly chosen name
> purely because of the fact that it sounds so much like Gigantosaurus, it
> would sort-of be like someone naming an Allosaur BrontUsaurus or something;
> it's just too confusing.  

Well, following the couple of postings on this rather iffy name (in that it
engenders confusion - _I_ thought it was _Gigantosaurus_ because that's what the
news people were saying), the BBC might have found the solution. On the 9
o'clock news here, _Giganotosaurus_ got its own little 4 minute slot, and all
the newscasters made a point of saying the name (ahem).. Gi-GANNET-oh-sawrus (Gi
as in 'hi'). Hmm. So now everyone here thinks it ate fish and couldn't breath
through its nostrils.

> Also, imperitor would definately be better than carolinii.  Let's all rename
> it _Caroliniraptor imperitor_ (ya, ya, I know we can't do that). 

I think it would be easy to propose 'better' names for virtually all taxa, but
it's not something that should even warrant any consideration (I _know_ you were
kidding Peter!). Anyway, _Opisthocoelicaudia_ ain't _THAT_ bad. Is it?

"What? And end up looking like you, cactus-butt?"