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A few interesting things about JP (fwd)

> The Jurassic Park featured on the big screen really did have many more
> than seven dinosaurs -- we just didn't see them because Spielberg got
> cheap on us!  I have done a little research, watching the movie a few more
> times and reading lots of stuff, and have come up with a complete list of
> all 15 dinosaurs that were or SHOULD HAVE been in the movie:
> 1. Tyrannosaurus rex 
> 2. Velociraptor (Deinonychus) antirrhopus
> 3. Parasaurolophus walkeri
> 4. Triceratops
> 5. Brachiosaurus
> 6. Gallimimus bullatus
> 7. Apatosaurus
> 8. Carnotaurus sastrei
> 9. Procompsognathus triassicus
> 10. Stegosaurus
> 11. Dilophosaurus (or was it?...)
> 12. Maiasaura
> 13. Metriacanthosaurus
> 14. Proceratosaurus
> 15. Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis

Why 'should have'? I doubt very much if Crichton was aware of _Carnotaurus_ at
the time of JP. Of your list, 1-6 and 11 are in the film. 10 (incorrectly spelt
'_Stegasaurus_'), 13 and 14 feature in the film as just names on the embryo
storage unit. In the book, 1-7 and 9-12 are mentioned, with the following from
your list below: Cearadactylus, Dryosaurus, Euoplocephalus (actually called
'euoplocephalids'), Hadrosaurus (or was it just a hadrosaur in general?),
Microceratops, Othnielia, Styracosaurus, and Callovosaurus. 

So, _Carnotaurus_ doesn't come into it at all, nor _Pachycephalosaurus_. Where
did you get this idea from? 13 and 14 - plus _Baronyx_ and Herrerasaurus_ - were
SUPPOSED to be living on the island for the film, with 13 and 14 mentioned, as
I've said, on the embryo storage unit, but _Baronyx_ and _Herrerasaurus_
mentioned only in JP movie-mags etc. 

NOW, how many of you know that the following _do_ make it into the movie and
aren't difficult to miss: _Allosaurus fragilis_, _Camarasaurus_, _Pteranodon_,
(?) _Struthiomimus_, _Alamosaurus_, _Corythosaurus_ and, in fact, quite a few
others. Guess I'm just being silly...