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Re: Therizinosaurus

>>Giganotosaurus is, I belive, Cenomanian, so it is indeed a little younger
than Acrocanthosaurus.

Other giant non-tyrannosaurid theropods include the ?allosaurid
Chilantaisaurus, the allosaurid Saurophaganax, the megalosauroid Torvosaurus
(=Edmarka), Carcharadontosaurus, Bahariasaurus, Spinosaurus, and
 Oops, forgot Therizinosaurus, too.<<

Therizinosaurus?  I recall that there was evidence that _Therizinosaurus_
isn't a theropod at all.  Some say, and I trust, that Therizinosaurus is
really an herbivorous segnosaur, a late-surviving relative of the
sauropodomorpha.  Those claws did not really look like they were suited for
killing; I don't think the claws were really THAT sharp and efficient.  More
or less, like the iguanodont spike-thumb, Therizinosaurus's claws, if it was
indeed a segnosaur, were probably for defense against predators...

Then again, I may be wrong.


Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)