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Re: Permian reptiles foot-print site

    There are relatively few studies on the conservation of
    tracksites.  Two you might try are:

    Agnew, N.H. & Oxnam, W.B. 1983.  Conservation of the Lark Quarry
         Dinosaur Trackway.  Curator 26(3): 219-233
    Shelton,S.Y., Barnett, R.C., and Magruder, M.D. 1993. Conservation
         of a dinosaur trackway exhibit.  Collection Forum 9(1): 17-26

    The latter is about an enclosed exhibit so it may not be directly
    comparable to your situation.  However, Agnew did experiments with
    various crack sealers in a site where there was a roof but no side
    walls and that might be of interest to you.

    Dan Chure