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Re[2]: Horner's T. rex

     8-10 inches plus is gravel sized?  Maybe cobblestone sized, but GRAVEL 
 Jeffrey Martz said:
 >    We are talking about teeth, not skeletons.  There inference I think 
 > is that the animal had lunch, lost some teeth, and moved on. As far as 
 > attendance, I think any T.rex with a half-way operable nose would be 
 > drawn to the site, regardless of age of physical condition.
      and then Stan said:
>>What is more, tyrannosaur teeth are gravel sized, and would thus tend to 
>>accumulate in channel lags.  This could produce secondary concentrations of 
>>teeth.  In interpreting mono-spcific beds it is always important to check the 
>>taphonomy of the site.