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Re: Sue & Joe Tipman


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Subject: Sue & Joe Tipman
Author:  tcf.com!bhunt
Originator: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu at nssi
Date:    9/26/95 9:15 AM

>Joe Tipman has also done a number of Sue and other Dinosaur related sculptures.
> For example, he has done a scale  (about 1/9) model of "Sue" as mounted  
>skeleton.  I have a copy of this piece myself, cast in bronze and it is drop 
>dead gorgeous,  as well as accurate.   The sculpture includes Sue's broken and 
>healed fibula, mangled caudal vertebrea, and the bite marks on upper and lower 
>jaw, from another T rex, perhaps the one that killed her.  Or so the 
>speculation goes.  
     I've seen the 1/9th scale T rex.  It's easily as nice as the ANTS 
     Allosaur.  It's MUCH bigger.  If you put this one together you need a 
     5 foot (long) table space to leave her set up on.