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Re: A few more...

> I see in the SVP abstracts - they are overwhelming - that Greg Paul
> and Ruben will be able to square off in person. O joy.

I, too, look forward to this.  Horner's in the act, too (on the Paul side).
> The Dinosauria has the Ornithischia as a sister group to the Saurischia
> which is defined as the Sauropodomorpha plus the Theropoda.

Actually, Gauthier already defined "Saurischia" as birds and all dinos
closer to birds than to Ornithischia, and "Theropoda" as birds and all dinos
closer to birds than to Sauropodomorpha.  Padian & May defined
"Ornithischia" as Triceratops and all dinos closer to Trike than to birds.

(Personally, I'd've liked Megalosaurus and Iguanodon to be the "types" of
Saurischia and Ornithischia, and when I brought this up with some of the
above authors, they liked the idea.  However, the above definitions have
priority under the principles of phylogenetic taxonomy, so they must stand.
Ah, well).

> The Theropoda
> is Herrerasaurus plus the node labeled Ceratosauria +Tetanurae (take it away
> Tom). There's lots of details there but that's too much for now.

Ceratosauria + Tetanurae has been labled "Neotheropoda" (a 1986 Bakker name,
actually) by Sereno et al. (in the Afrovenator paper).

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