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     This will (hopefully) be my last word on the subject.  I would 
just like to try to clarify and smooth things over a little bit.
     If my last big posting offended people, I apologize.  My intent was 
to show how out of contex brutal attempts to quash individual freedom are 
in this debate.  No one is trying to brutally quash anything, you can 
send in anything you want.  However, just because you CAN do something 
doesn't mean that you SHOULD.   
     There is no reason to get angry when people protest generalized 
(not related to paleontology) political tracts on the dinonet.  These are 
not motivated by a fear of personal freedom of speech or a desire to 
erase minority opinion.  People are trying to discuss a 
particular subject matter on this mailing list, and throwing in stuff not 
related to the subject matter isn't subversive, just irrelevant.  Like 
Jerry said, its like sending an article on dinosaurs to journel on 

LN Jeff