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Re: The Lost World errata

>           Hello,
>           I'm pretty new to the list and I've had a love for dinosaurs
>           since I was a kid (who hasn't as a kid?). Anyway, I was
>           curious to know (if this is truly factual) how it was
>           determined that T-rex's eye sight was based on movement or
>           is that more "errata" from Jurassic Park? Since watching the
>           flick I've been curious about this. Any answers?

     In the Jurassic Park book, the dinosaur's eyesight was based on 
movement because they had amphibian DNA that gave them an amphibian 
eyesight, which is based on movement.  In the movie, this concept screwed 
up and apparently interpreted by the screenwriters to mean that T.rex had 
vision based on movement, amphibian DNA or no (toward the beginning of the
movie, Grant mentions it when he is psyching out the obnoxious kid).    
     Movement probably ASSISTED vision.  It is easier to notice a moving 
object than a stationary one.  I'll bet if a T.rex was to walk by a jeep 
with people inside, it wouldn't notice the humans if they held still just 
becasuse they were so small.  Even if a T.rex did see them, it probably 
would't have a clue what to make of them anyway.

LN Jeff