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Yet more of 'em

 Ok, boys and girls, her's another batch o' refs for your perusal.

 First at bat is a very odd paper:

 Hasegawa, Y., M. Manabe, S. Isaji, M. Ohkura, I. Shibata & I. Yamaguchi.
    1995. Terminally resorbed iguanodontid teeth from the Neocomian
    Tetori Group, Ishikawa and Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Bull. National
    Science Museum, Tokyo, Ser. C 21(1/2):35-49.

 Strange paper in that the supposed iguanodontid teeth are incredibly
 scrappy things previously referred to as "ornithischian" but here
 identified as really iguanodontid. They are amazingly scrappy things and
 I'll have to wait on someone else to look at them. Just the bases of
 the teeth with the tips - most of the teeth from what I can see - are
 not there.

 Some more early mammals, this time from Morocco:

 Sigogneau-Russell, D. 1994(1995). Further data and reflexions on the
    tribosphenid mammals (Tribotheria) from the Early Cretaceous of
    Morocco. Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Naturl. Paris, 4th Ser., Sect. C,

 Batch o' teeth (11). Boy has the AMNH stuff spoiled me...

 In that same issue:

 Jalil, N.-E. 1994(1995)> Morphological study of phylogenetic significance
   of the braincase of an archosauriform (Diapsida, Archosauromorpha) from
   the Triassic of the Zarzaitine Series (Algeria). BMNHNP4thC 16(2/4):281-289.

 Pretty ugly braincase (the paper's in French by the way) attributed to the
 clade Archosauria + Proterochampsidae with some discussion.

 And continuing the trend of scrappy material:

 Shishkin, M.A. 1994. A Gondwanan Rhytidosteid (Amphibia, Temnospondyli)
   from the Lower Triassic of Southern Cisuralia. Paleontological
   Journal   28(4):127-143.

 The first typical rhtidosteid found outside Gondwanaland in Lower Triassic
 sediments of Cisuralia. Assigned to Rhytidosteus uralensis. Suggests this
 means that Lystrosaurus Zone stuff equates to almost entire Lower Triassic
 elsewhere. Yow - all this from a partial lower jaw.

 Well, that's it for now b&g. I hope we get some more complete stuff in the
 next batch

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH