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Re: Horner's T. rex

>  By this reasoning,=
>  is it possible that the arms of T. rex are so small because they really=
>  didn't have a use, and are being reduced?  Even more bizarre, is it=
>  possible that T. rex could wind up with a descendent that was completely=
>  armless???  A reverse whale, after a fashion.
> Any comments?

     The biomechanical study of the Wankel T.rex arm done by Ken Carpenter 
and that other dude (sorry, I can't think of the name off the top of my 
head.  I just took a test and have no brain cells left.  Pat Leiggi?)  at 
the Museum of Rockies showed that the arm wasn't at all weak.  It was though 
up until that point was that a human could beat a T.rex in an arm wrestling 
match, but the study showed that the arms had huge muscle attachment scars 
for the bicep.  The lifting power for those arms is estimated at about 400 
lbs.  This implies that the arm was being used for something, though 
exactly what is up in the air.