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Re: Permian reptiles foot-print site

The best work I know on the preservation/conservation of trackways has 
been done by David Gillette of Utah and Neville Agnew (currently at the 
Getty Conservation Institute). I am fowarding your message to them, or to 
people who can get the message to them, for comment. In the meantime, do 
not attempt to treat the surface with any kind of polymeric seal or 
coating, especially if you have freeze-thaw or wet-dry climate cycles. 
The coating will lead to even greater breakage. You may need to 
investigate the possibility of some kind of physical covering that can be 
seasonally removed. Dave and Dr. Agnew are the experts on this. We went 
to them for advice in conserving a newly-found trackway in Texas a few 
years ago and found their advice to be terrific (unfortunately, the city 
administration was not very sympathetic).

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On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Prof.JJ-JAEGER wrote:

> Does anybody know about the conservation of foot-prints on the surface of 
> red beds. Every year, frost and sun and important daily temperature change 
> induce weathering and erosion of these foot-prints which are protected from 
> rain. What produce can be used to consolidate the beds ? is there any 
> previous experience ?
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