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Re: The Lost World errata

In a message dated 95-09-26 09:35:29 EDT, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)

>   T. rex eyesight being based on movement was Spielberg's attempt to work a
>plot device from the book into the movie.  In the book, the hadrosaurs (at
>the very least, maybe other dinos as well) could not see Grant and the kids
>unless they moved.  This was explained as being the result of their DNA
>being blended with amphibian DNA (the implication being, I guess, that
>amphibian eyesight is based on movement).

Since the dino DNA was blended with amphibian DNA, then what we have in
_Jurassic Park_ are not dinosaurs but dinosaur-amphibian chimaeras. Thus,
even though it looked like a _Tyrannosaurus rex_, it really wasn't a
_Tyrannosaurus rex_, just a newly minted life-form genetically designed to
resemble one. So all inferences about the behavior of real, Mesozoic
dinosaurs deduced from the behavior of the dino-chimaeras in the Park are
inherently flawed. Why none of the characters--particularly the
scientists--in the books or the movie ever makes this clear must have to do
with the commercial aspects of the project (either the fictional Jurassic
Park project or the real Crichton-Spielberg Jurassic Park "project"). Or
maybe the author just didn't think it through?