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Re: Permian reptiles foot-print site

> Does anybody know about the conservation of foot-prints on the surface of 
> red beds. Every year, frost and sun and important daily temperature change 
> induce weathering and erosion of these foot-prints which are protected from 
> rain. What produce can be used to consolidate the beds ? is there any 
> previous experience ?

I am not sure about the mechanisms involved with temperature changes 
and the composition of this red beds (not a geologist).  Very good 
results has however been had with the conservation of porous rock 
surfaces like sandstone with a stone strenghtener made by Wacke in 
Germany.  It is a silicon based material that can be painted onto the 
surface.  It has a very high penetration.  Very seldom can any colour 
changes be seen and this is usually almost invisible if you don't 
have anything to compare with. Very importantly - it does not seal 
the rock but replenish it.  It has been used very succesfully to 
protect the Easter Island statues.

If you need more info, shout.  I don' have it with me at the moment.


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