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Fossils - SELL EM!

Ah screw it.  I was going to disect the points of ealier posts, but screw it.
Ive been on this list for over a year now, so what, and Ive heard 
objections from every avenue stating that buying REAL fossils is 
immoral and, as Worf would put it, without honor.  Balagna!  

Especialy in light of this whole this whole Public vs. Owner of Sue 
contoversy.  Its clear that the Gov aint commin to the rescue of any of 
ya all and yet ya all wanna keep diggin dem bones and be able ta pay yas 
rent.  Aint nobody payin but yall.  Wake up!  Aint nobody inerested till 
the next movie comes out.  So, how yal all gonna fund you selfs till then?  

Sell them little fragments!  Not those big heads and legs and arms and 
stuff.  Sell them little toofises, toes, repos and 
put the cash back into your digs next summer.  FUND YOU OWN DAMN SELFS!
Then rely on guys like me to come dig for you durring the summer for free.
I cant believe that there are not specimens that are in collections,
small ones, that you cant sell to genreate cash.  Auction them off.

Callin on Billy Bob aint doin nothin.  Generate your own intrest.  I may 
not be a Dr. of Dinosaur Paleontology, but I do understand what equity is.
Ya all have some land.  As much as a rail road.  Sell some of that right 
of way ya all aint usin and fund the expansion.

But oh, but there is that dilema of professional responsibilty.  Wow, sounds 
like a politians excuse to me.  So instead bitch at the Gov.  Bitch at ya 
owm damn selfs!

What about sellin one universities fossils to another, or to a museum, or 
to a collector?  How hard is it to keep a data base?  Ya all seem to be 
able to keep the new refs in order.  I haer lots of compaining, but no 

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut