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Re: Runk! Honk!

In a message dated 95-09-23 06:34:51 EDT, farlow@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU

>Well, I cannot sit idly by and listen to repeated slander of the chief piece
>of literature that thrilled my youth: Turok, Son of Stone.  In the late
>50's and early 60's Dell Comics published this series.  The premise
>(admittedly a bit far-fetched) was that, before the arrival in North America
of the
>Europeans, a couple Mandan (I think) Indians, Turok and Andar, discovered a
>"Lost Valley" of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts in the region of
>Carlsbad Caverns.  They found a plant whose roots could be crushed to make
>a poison that would kill dinosaurs PRETTY DARN FAST, and smeared this on
>their arrows to protect themselves.
>     Dinosaurs were drawn with REALLY COOL jets of steam blasting from their
>nostrils, and they made noises like "honk" and "runk" and so were dubbed
>"honkers."  The art work was swiped from lots of Zallinger and Burian and
>Knight pictures, but there were original cover paintings for the issues that
>weren't bad at all.  I wish I had the original of one such cover, where
>Turok and a bad caveman are fighting over a bow while a Tyrannosaurus sneaks
>up behind them...
>    The series went downhill fast after Dell was sold to, or became, Gold
>Key comics.  I hear it has been resurrected by somebody or other (Valiant?),
>but I quit buying comics when the price became equivalent to the cost of a
>decent lunch.  The "updated" Turok may be as bad as the postings say.
>     The old Turok...ah, now THERE would be a cool movie project.  Much
>better than recycling Jurassic Park...

I tried to read the first appearance of the new Turok in Valiant and found
myself unable to. It was just a dino shoot-em-up. Now Andar is dead, Turok is
on some revenge trip, and he has acquired some heavy artillery for
firepower--like Rambo--instead of his humble bow and arrows. It is to be

The cover you're interested in was for Turok #18, the December 59-February 60
issue, which hit the stands in October 59. Feel like you're getting older?