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     Someone please inform me about the depositional environment of the 
Xiashaximiao Formation of China.  Also, any and all specimen numbers for 
Shunosaurus specimens if they are availible, please.  I don't have access 
to a single technical article on Shunosaurus since they are almost all 
published by Chinese and other Asian journals.  
Have any new genera been described from that formation since 1990?    
     Outside of Scott Sampson's SVP article and the Nature paper by 
Horner et all, are there any published illustrations of Achelousaurus skull 
material?  Sampson has given permission to scan the drawing of 
Einiosaurus in his Natural History article into Doug's web site, but that 
article doesn't have an Acehelousaurus drawing.   
    Also, one more time please (I keep losing it): the Cryolophosaurus 

Thanx in advance

LN Jeff
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