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Re: encephalization quotient (was Re: MORE ON SAUROPOD FEEDING HIGH & LOW)

A couple of cautions about brainsize to body mass relationships. 

There is no simple way to compare brain size even in animals of equal mass.
The scaling of brainsize is different in birds and mammals, perhaps due to
diffferent reproductive strategies. In particular, Martin(?) has shown that
allosaur brains are as large as expected in "birds" of their size. 

The notion that bird brains are so big because they fly is weakened by the
fact that pterosaur brains are mainly in the reptile range. Insects are not
very brainy either. It is in fact easier to fly than walk. 

Do not believe those plots that show brainsize in a 80 tonne brachiosaur. The
individual was actually a subadult of about 16 tonnes.