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Re: Arizona Dinosaurs

Mikiel recently wrote:

>>I'm seeking information on two finds; one old and one relatively new.
>>The old find was >10 years ago on the eastern slope of the Whetstone
>>Mountains here in Cochise County.  My geography professor states it was a
>>species of T. rex.
>>The latter find was in late 1994 just to the west in the Santa Cruz river
>>valley just south of Tucson and north of Sonoita.  It too was a species of
>>T. rex.
>  I can't help you with the old one, but the 1994 dig was done by John 
>Ratkevitch and a team from the Sonoran Desert Museum.  They recently 
>published a paper on the find, though I'm pretty sure the animal turned 
>out not to be a tyrannosaur.

Is this not the hadrosaurid nicknamed Sonorasaurus?