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Re: Arizona Dinosaurs

>Is this not the hadrosaurid nicknamed Sonorasaurus?

Yes, it is.  The field designation of "Sonorasaurus" still stands.  The 
horizon is Middle Cretaceous, and the locality is the Turney Ranch 
Formation.  The reference is Thayer, Ratkevich, & Krzyzanowski 1996, "A 
New Dinosaur for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona," 
Rocks and Minerals 71(1):34-8.  Here are some excerpts from the paper.

"At this time, it is premature to assign our specimen to any specific 
group of dinosaurs.  A relationship to the hadrosaurs is possible, based 
mainly on limb proportions, but such an affiliation is very tentative.  
The earliest known hadrosaurs are later in time than the published age 
range of the strata that include this specimen."  Despite this ambiguity, 
they picture the skeleton of a _Kritosaurus_ on the first page with the 
recovered material shaded in.

"When the dinosaur was discovered, ribs, a scapua, bones of the pelvis, 
and the eroded cross sections of several unidentified elements were 
exposed on this ridge."

"Information in this article is based on the field work accomplished to 
date as submited, pending publication, to the third annual _Proceedings 
of the Fossils of Arizona Symposium_ of the Mesa Southwest Museum and 
Southwest Paleontological Society."

That's about all the info I have.