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is a new newsletter on Mesozoic creatures to be produced by
Tiger Publications with the first issue next July.
We are looking for writers and artists. Guides for both writers
and artists are available from tiger@arn.net if you're interested.
We want to hear from all potential authors and artists immediately.

We need articles on the latest finds, species, theories, and
controversies. We want "hard science that is not hard to read".
DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES will be something that a professional scientist
finds useful as a summary of what's happening, while non-specialists
and dinosaur fans will find it lively and interesting to read.
We will be at the Dinofest in Arizona and will be happy to talk to
anyone there who is interested in talking to us; drop us an Email
at tiger@arn.net to make sure we get in touch at the symposium.

We are considering the idea of doing a 4-page "preview issue" to
pass out at the symposium, but to do that we need good articles NOW
to put into this preview issue. Contact tiger@arn.net if you can
help us out and don't mind getting paid for it. We do need summary
articles of all finds written up in "scholarly journals" for the
last year or two. Drop us a line and pitch the boss lady an article.

We don't pay much ($50 a printed page) but we've been in business
14 years and have NEVER been late in mailing out a check. I'm told
that's uncommon in the experience of many writers around here.
--Steve Cole, editor of something else that Tiger publishes