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Re: Forwarded: Re: Discoveries

Dear Neil

I am very interested in knowing more about the  trackway; age, 
details of the tracks, anything special or unusual.

>The Scottish find is in rocks of Middle Jurassic Age.

? What part of the Middle Jurassic ? IS IT OF BATHONIAN AGE ?  

>When added to other evidence from the same horizon, it becomes even 
>more interesting.

What is the associated Micro and Macro Palaeontology like ?

>So what is happening in the US during the Late Triassic/Lower Jurassic is
>happening in Scotland in the Middle Jurassic!

How does it relate to other British Dinosaur/Track discoveries ?


Brian Boneham
Nene College
Boughton Green Road
Moulton Park
NN2  7AL