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Re: sauropod feeding dogma

>Maybe, just maybe, sauropods (especially brachiosaurids &
>camarasaurids) got all the water they needed from all the vegetation
>they ate.
>I know it's not very likely, but if koalas can do it, why not a
>sauropod?  I just can't imagine a fully-grown _Brachiosaurus_
>stooping to drink from a lake without toppling in.

LOL.  Seriously, I would doubt if the koala analogy is workable.  Conifer
 needles have a very low moisture content due to the sap.  This is why
 conifers can continue to store water in their needles, and can continue
 photosynthesis, long into the winter months (the sap acts like an
 antifreeze).  Therefore, I find it hard to see conifer needles being a
 major source of water for sauropods (sauropod cannot live on needles alone:-).


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