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RE:sauropod feeding*

> Indeed.  But I believe the point that Stan was trying to make is that 
> geese, as the most terrestrial members of an otherwise aquatic family, 
> likely did not evolve their long necks *for the purpose of grazing* but 
> that they are "left over" from a previous existence feeding from the 
> bottoms of ponds.

     Is there any fossil evidence to back this up?  Do any long necked 
waterfowl today feed off the bottoms of ponds?  Ducks seem to do just 
fine with short little necks.

> What kind of ground cover was around in the Mesozoic?  Most dinosaur 
> drawings I've seen show a lot of bare earth.  Seems unlikely to me.

     As far as I know, there is no known Mesozoic equivalent for 
grasses.  Undergrowth yeah, but no uniform ground cover like grasses are 
today.  Would this have prevented problems for other plants via heavy 
erosion?  Probably a dumb question.

LN Jeff
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