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[afrodite@relay.ua.pt: Dinosaur tracksite in Portugal]

My apologies to those that see this twice, but it just circulated via
paleonet and I thought it should go here too:

  Date: Tue, 2 Apr 96 11:16:21 PST
  From: Rodrigues <afrodite@relay.ua.pt>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <paleonet@ucmp1.Berkeley.EDU>
  Subject: Dinosaur tracksite in Portugal


  I'm mailing to put you in contact with some events that are passing
  in Portugal.
  Two years ago was discovered a dinosaur tracksite in a quarry near
  Fatima (Galinha site).
  The site is very important for several reasons that paleontologists
  can explain better than me. One of them, the tacksite is very large,
  and the tracks are very well preserved, representing the longest
  known sauropod tracksite (Santos,1994).
  Due to the large size of the site, the long and visually spectacular
  trackways and the configuration of the quarry with an elevated rim
  providing excellent overlooks, the site has great potential as an
  outdoor educational interpretative center.
  I personally comprove this aspect when (last month) went there with
  my secondary class.
  Since the discover, the owner assume a very important role in the
  regard of the tracksite. He reduced the exploration to the limit.
  During the past two years, the portuguese government started
  conversations with the owner (Mr.Rui Galinha) and the result of it
  became in nothing, partly because of the amounts of money involved
  ($8000000-eight million dollars!).
  Last Tuesday Mr. Rui Galinha, fed up the situation, almost destroy
  the tracksite with dynamite.
  I think this action was a last SOS from the owner to the government.
  The response to that act from the government was the cancelation of
  the negotiations and the accusation of blackmailing.
  And that's the situation here in Portugal...
  My appologies for my English.
  Thank you
  Luis Azevedo Rodrigues