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RE:sauropod feeding*

> Not a dumb question at all, and part of the reason for my original 
> question.  It does seem like a lack of ground cover would leave the 
> topsoil vulnerable to erosion, particularly if there were periods of 
> heavy rain like in today's trpics.  It would also be a major unexploited 
> niche for the plants.

      Possibly in the sense that the absence of large 
terrestrial vertebrates on the Paleozoic was an unexploited niche: 
nothing had ever "thought" of evolving in that direction before, to 
horribly anthropomorphise evolution. 
     Can anyone give first-hand observations of where swans do most of 
thier feeding?
     P.S.: I'm looking for the holotype catalogue number and as many other 
specimen numbers as I can find for _Shunosaurus_.

LN Jeff 
"Now I'm lonely and I have a dancing rat."