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sauropod feeding

I can't resist a comment here.
1. The different tooth spacings in the Diplodocids vs. Camarasaurids
might indicate different branches or "leaves" being stripped fromm
different tree species.
2.  Given that Camarasaurids have that fancy "butt-headed" forehead
(I know it was not used for butting, and note the highly technical
phrasing there - Tom you would be proud!), they would have a harder
time getting their heads between branches in any tree architecture.
Therefore, their less selective mouth shape may be a reaction to their
foreheads.  (fire at will here guys!)
3.  Some one commented that conifer needles do not contain enough
water to support diplodocids, but what about other plants?  Conifers
were not the only trees - don't forget the cycads, cycadoids, gingkoes,
etc.  Some of those look like they have pretty lush leaves (fronds??)
and may contain lots of water in their cells.  Whether that would be
enough for a sauropod, might be an interesting research question, if
no one has examined it.

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