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Re: "No Bolides!"

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996 McReese@aol.com wrote:

> I believe that the dinosaurs became extinct due to climatic change and not by
> an impact of a comet or a large meteorite!  

Why, then, did mammals, crocodiles, and birds all make it through?

> The demise was of the dinosaurs was mainly due to the drying up of
> the shallow sea ways and other climate changes!

*How* would this have killed off the dinosaurs?  Remember, the 
non-avian dinosaurs lived all over the world, for over 150 million years, 
and would have encountered many different types of climatic conditions.

> If a bolide impact destroyed the dinosaurs it would have wiped out
> every living thing not just dinosaurs!  Many organisms survived the K/T
> boundary mass extiinction!  

I'm not really hot on the bolide-only theory either, but bear in mind 
that the dinosaurs were the biggest, most mobile things around and 
required the most food.  They were at the tops of their food chains.  Any 
significant ecological disaster would hit them hardest.

> It is as if the comet had the name dinosaur
> because it only destroyed them and not other forms of life!  

Other forms of life were affected as well.  Mammals and birds did die in 
the K/T extinctions, as did pterosaurs, plesiosaurs (ichthyosaurs having 
apparently disappeared earlier), mosasaurs, and other groups I know I'm 
forgetting.  None of these animals were dinosaurs, except the birds.

> The effects of a bolide impact as described would have wiped out all
> animals and certainly more species than survived the K/T boundary
> extinctions!

All animals??  That would have to be some impact!

We have good evidence of several impacts from around the time of the K/T 
extinctions.  Whether they were responsible for the extinctions, entirely 
or in part, I couldn't tell you.

> Regards,
> Mike! :) :)


Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447