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Re:sauropod feeding*

I'm wondering about the concept of adapatations for selective feeding in 
trees.  How much need is there for specializations for such feeding, when 
all an animal has to do is select the "right" tree to feed in?  Unless 
two or more trees are growing together so their branches are intertwined, 
they can only get one type of leaf.  I have seen intergrown trees, as 
well as vines growing in trees, but very few of these would have 
presented enough of a challenge as to have required a narrow snout to 
select the "right" leaves.

I think I remember a comment about giraffes having narrow snouts for 
selective feeding.  But is that really why their snouts are narrow?  I'll 
bet there are a bunch of other possible controls on snout width in high 
browsers, including sauropods. 

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