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Re: "No Bolides!"

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996 glh@TSO.Cin.IX.net wrote:

> I agree that a meteorite/comet strike certainly DOESN'T explain away the 
> dinosaur's disappearence... how does that explain the extinction of the large 
> marine animals, and the non-extinction of the dino's fellow archaeosaurs the 
> crocodilians?

        Convincing explanations for the selective nature of the 
extinction are lacking. This does not apply to the bolide hypothesis any 
more than it does to any other hypothesis. 
        This is not a legitimate criticism of the impact hypotheses,
because the impact hypothesis doesn't have to prove everything, it just has 
to be more parsimonious than the others. To be justified in supporting 
this hypothesis, it doesn't have to be perfect, just the best there is. 
It's just that right now "the best" isn't all that great.