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Re: Climate change

One of the major long term effects of an impact is the decrease in sunlight
reaching the surface. In turn this decreases the availbility of chlorophil
based metabolism to produce the basic food source for many forms of life.
 Certainly large herbeviors that must eat regularly are devastated by loss of
a food supply that might have exceeded a year.  Animals that can survive in
protected niche locations, or can become semidormant for extended periods, or
can reproduce rapidly and replenish a population that may have been devasted
have real advantages.  Dinosaurs do not meet these criteria.  The bird
ancestors mayhave been able to find small niches in which to survive.
 Multiple eggs may have hatched and survived to adulthood in the absence of
predators, or there may be other explanations.  The dinosuar individuals of
any specie may have survived the impact in small numbers, but not have
survived the environmental changes and evolutionary pressures of explosive
speiciation and biomass growth that filled the void following a catacysmic

John Ellingson

Just a thought