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Re: Climate change

I really hate to get into this again,  but as a micropaleontologist I
feel I must comment.
 From My veiwpoint the end of the Cretaceous was a massive general
ecosystem crash of some sort.  Virtually all the genera of both
planktonic foramanifera and calcareous nannoplankton were wiped out at
the same time as the dinosaurs.  Between those two groups you carve out
a pretty hefty chunk of the Earth's biomass.  A lot of other marine
organisms suffered a similar fate.  If you take a close look at most
groups of non dino terrestrial organisms you will find out that hardly
any groups just sailed on through the K/T boundary unscathed.
Unless you can convince me that some disease agent can affect
dinosaurs, marine golden brown algae, sarcodinid protists (forams),
ammonites and a host of other things I really can't  take the disease
hypothesis seriously.  I'll go with the boloid impact.
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