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World Maps for different Time Periods

I am looking for a set of world maps that show the different stages of 
the motion of the continents for each major subdivision of the Mesozoic 
(i.e. Early, Middle, Late Triassic, etc.)  In particular I would like to 
find out how to contact Brian Watson.  He had drawn color relief maps in 
the book "The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia" by Dougal Dixon 
(published 1988 by Gallery Books)  Any information on how to contact him 
would be appreciated.  Also if anybody has an idea of where I might find 
an animated sequence of the same, please let me know.  

So you know what I would like this stuff for, I am trying to flesh out 
the indices and supporting information section of "The Dinosaur Pages."  
Jeff Martz has been keeping me hopping with new genera every few weeks 
and it looks like we have something good in the works.

Along a different vein...  What is up with that supposedly live dino 
found in Africa.  Is it as hoaky as it sounds??

[Sorry to barge in, but you did notice that was posted April 1 didn't
 you? -- MR]

*Douglas K McLemore* aka *The Highlander*

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