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Re: Let's try this again...

> A widespread dinosaur plague doesn't neccessarily have to infect every species
> extinction.
> This would by no means be a worldwide catastrophy, but such an occurance may
> have occurred on a much larger scale at the end of the Cretaceous.

     It still wouldn't explain the extinction of other groups of animals, 
from vertebrates right down to protists, at the K-T boundry.  Besides, some 
continents remained geographically isolated througout the Late Cretaceous but 
dinosaur extinctions occured there nonetheless.  New diseases may have 
added insult to injury in a few places, but you still need a world-wide 
factor, whether climate change or meteor impact, to account for the K-T 
LN Jeff
"But sire this is the airport, not the skeet shooting range!"