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The first small steps

     Hi all,
        I am reasonably new to paleontology, and as a novice I would like 
     some advice from all you more experienced dino-hunters on good 
     literature to read, and good places to go-a-hunting for fossils in 
     England (especially the South of England) for a beginner. I know that 
     paleontology covers a very wide area of studies, and certainly fossil 
     hunting etc, is only one of them, but I have to start somewhere, and 
     the hands-on approach is so much more educational (not to mention 
      I'm sure there are many of us fetal Paleontologists who need only to 
     be pointed in the right direction to exercise our boundless 
     enthusiasm. I am presently working for an oil company (though not in 
     the exploration department), so I am undoubtedly surrounded by lots of 
     the information that I need, however, as I am a novice, I don't know 
     what useful information I should be looking at - any suggestions?
        Sorry, I don't mean to waste your time (especially as I have posted 
     this onto 4 different mail sites, all of which you probably get), but 
     I so want to start off on the right foot, so I thought I'd ask the 
     people who know. Most of you! And you never know, in a year or two I 
     might be adding useful, well researched comments to these 
     Paleontological net sites myself.
        I thank you all for your time and attention - it is a seed that 
     will grow and flourish.     
     Sean McSharry
     "Life. Don't talk to me about life. Here I am, brain the size of a 
     planet, and I can't find two rocks to bang together!"