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RE:sauropod feeding*

>And since, among all waterfowl, geese are most closely related to swans,
>this makes my relict idea at least tenable. [If I remember correctly,
>swans and most geese are in the family Anseridae].
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The "standard" classification of birds puts all ducks, geese and swans into
the family Anatidae in the order Anseriformes (the only other family in the
order, Anhimidae, is for the three species of screamers [which are birds,
not pentium computers] from South America).  Within the Anatidae, swans and
geese are included in the tribe Anserini of the subfamily Anserinae.

In the "new" classification by Sibley and Monroe, the Anatidae is split into
several families and the swans are separated from the geese, as follows:

Order Anseriformes
   Family Anhimidae (screamers)
   Family Anseranatidae (magpie goose)
   Family Dendrocygnidae (whistling ducks)
   Family Anatidae
      Subfamily Oxyurinae (stiff-tailed ducks)
      Subfamily Stictonettinae (freckled duck)
      Subfamily Cygninae (swans)
      Subfamily Anatinae
           Tribe Anserini (geese)
           Tribe Anatinae (typical ducks)
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