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Re: Watch you language! (was Re: "No Bolides!")

> A meteor the size of the Yucatan impactor would certainly have been
> a "brilliant glowing meteor". The size estimates are cited in kilometers.

I'm aware of this...thats not what I'm debating. 

> As to "exploding", is this to be taken to mean *prior* to impact,
> or upon impact.
> So, if the explosion of a bolide can be upon impact, then it *was*
> a bolide.

This is what I'm hoping to clear up...My understanding of it and the 
popular definition seems to be one that explodes before impact. The actual
true definition seems to allow some leeway and include objects that explode 
on impact. In which case, meteorite and bolide would seem to be synonymous.
If one of the more astronomically clued out there who *I* know are lurking out
there could clear this up, it would be much appreciated.

Another side question which this brings up is there any evidence that the
Yucatan impactor did explode or break up into several pieces before striking. 
If this were the case, one would expect to find smaller craters radiating out
in a specific direction that could be traced back to a central point. 
Has any evidence for this been found anywhere in the world?