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Re: Si, bolide! Y volcano!

From: muriel29@wavenet.com (MC2)
 >   It's pretty clear that there was a Yucatan impact that coincided
 > (geologically speaking) with the _incredibly_ massive Deccan eruptions
 > on the (then) other side of the world.  ...  Case closed.
 > Everything explained.
 >      And yet I haven't heard anything lately about the theory, and so
 > far (I haven't finished reading the postings), no one on the list has
 > mentioned it. 

That is because it has been shown to be incorrect in that form.

The Deccan volcanism started *long* before the Yucatan impact, perhaps
as much as a million years earlier.  The Deccan volcanism spanned the
*entire* 29R magnetic chron, and parts of the chrons on either side of
it.  The K-T terminal impact occured in the *middle* of the 29R chron.

Now, the Deccan volcanism *was* one of the many "changes" going on at
the time, and probably contributed to the extinctions. [As others
have already noted, the extinctions were probably produced by a
confluence of causes, of which the impact was only the last and
most dramatic].

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