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Re: Watch you language! (was Re: "No Bolides!")

In a message dated 96-04-03 17:24:29 EST, you write:

>Webster's New Encylopedic Unabridged,and according to both, with JPL listing
>bolide as an "exploding meteorite",and Websters defining it as:"A brilliant
>glowing meteor, esp. one that explodes",which could cover any number of

Ok. What then do you call the loud boom and flash of light associated with
the impact of a meteorite? A meteorite by definition is a _meteor_ that
impacts the earth or other body.  As for the K-T impactor, there still is no
certaint as to weather it was by a comet or asteroid hence it could have been
a cometary impact. Regardless, bolide is still approriate since wahtever the
object was, it no doubt burned brightly as it decended through the earths
atmosphere, then created a huge bright flash as it impacted the surface thus
vaporizing itself along with much target material and there must have been a
concomitant loud "boom" that resonated around the planet. INMO, it sounds
like a bolide to me ;-)

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies