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Retraction of my earlier K-T Post

Hello all!

I have gotten one hell of a tongue lashing regarding my recent impact post.
On a reread of it I have to agree that I deserved it. As I said to Paleonet,
I apologize for the unintended ''disinformation", "tautologies" , errors and
anything else some may feel I have perpetrated in defense of the Pro impact
camp. I was hard pressed for time and had not thoroughlly thought  out what I
wanted to say  and instead  just banged out a bunch of nonsense (without a
proofread) and sent on i'ts way.  I truly regret my actions and apologize for
the horribly unscientific way it was presented! While I still expect some
lingering flame"oids" I hope this will suffice.


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studeis