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Re: "No Bolides!"

Rob Meyerson wrote:

> >However there is also the North American data.  Here dinosaurs extend
> >without noticable problem all the way to the North Slope of Alaska,
> >yet the largest crocodilian, Phobosuchus, is not known much further
> >north than the Canadian border.
> FYI, up until one hundred years ago (or so) there were alligators in
> Virginia, showing that the group can be relatively adaptable to colder
> climates.  Therefore, just because crocks are found in a strata, it
> doesn't mean we can completely rule out seasonal variations in
> climate.
> Rob "One Month to Graduation" Meyerson

In fact, with reduced hunting, the American Alligator is rapidly 
regaining its previous range, stretching several miles up the east coast 
and the Mississippi each year.

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