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Re: "No Bolides!"

From: Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu (Rob Meyerson)
 > >However there is also the North American data.  Here dinosaurs extend
 > >without noticable problem all the way to the North Slope of Alaska,
 > >yet the largest crocodilian, Phobosuchus, is not known much further
 > >north than the Canadian border.
 > FYI, up until one hundred years ago (or so) there were alligators in
 > Virginia, showing that the group can be relatively adaptable to colder
 > climates.  Therefore, just because crocks are found in a strata, it
 > doesn't mean we can completely rule out seasonal variations in
 > climate.

The climate of the Montana-Alberta area 65 million years ago was not
that different than the climate of Virginia today (which is, after
all, south of the Mason-Dixon line).

Even in the warmer Cretaceous times, the North Slope was probably closer
to the climate of New Jersey than of Virginia.

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